Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top row from left-
1.chiffon,furnishing fabric,printed heavy weave with metallic and stranded cotton.
2.Heavy weave printed,satin,hand dyed muslin with metallic and sewing thread.
3.Satin,printed cotton,cotton with perle an stranded cotton.
Bottom row from left-
4.Felt,organza,dyed and printed cotton with perle and stranded cotton.
5.Glazed cotton,cotton,printed cotton with stranded cotton.
6.Synthetic,silk paper, gold net witn variegated stranded cotton.
These are the six samples produced from my various star shapes .I am not especially pleased with them as hand- stitching is not a strong point of mine.The other frustrating aspect is that much of the work lies hidden underneath the various layers.I do not like the way some layers are not centred.

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