Monday, September 12, 2016



ŁIf you are around in October/November then you can catch our latest offerings.
We will be in Stroud followed by a stand at West Country Quilt and Textile show at UWE

The show has got better each year,with exhibits by textile artist,quilt makers and of course the all important opportunity to add to your stash,with lots of stalls.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Double trouble workshop.

I was fortunate to be allowed to go on Distant Stitch 25 th Anniversary weekend with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn.

As you would expect it was a great experience.Lots of fun,laughter and sharing.

What you see here is the result.My inspiration was seed pods ,my current focus.

We were given lots to do and 

there is still work outstanding.

Jan and Jean were very generous both with their techniques 

and allowing us to handle their work.

I am sure that I will go on to explore and use what they imparted,which is always a sign of a good workshop.

This last image belongs with my seed pods but was not done on the workshop.

These little pods were made by knitting with Japanese paper yarn,dyed with nettle and gifted to me by Mayumi Kaneko. A weaver friend of one of my textile group.She uses the yarn very differently.These will be gifted to her so she can see how I have begun to use her yarn.
You can catch up with her at

Saturday, April 30, 2016


It 's been a long time since I visited this blog.

I spent last weekend with Stitch textile Artists at Ammerdown.

I revisited my perfume bottle collection to try to get some new ideas going.I hope I can post some new work soon.
Also ,I would like to thank everyone for their good wishes.I am doing okay.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Print course

It has been a little while coming but this blog post is image heavy.I am three -quarter's way through a ten week print course with Sue Brown at The Yard in Cheltenham.I have always loved printmaking so was interested to find out about Sue's silk aquatint collagraph method which uses no nasty chemicals.

This is a plate before it has been inked up and printed.It uses silk applied with watered acrylic to card then layers of exterior grade wood glue to give tones.In  addition you can apply thin caed and tile cement to give whites and textures.

These are the plates I have developed from my seed pod drawings.Poppy, Camassia and Love- in -a -mist.

And what follows are the various prints taken from them.This is Chine Colle
basically adding tissue to give blasts of colour,pattern.

Plates on left  with straight print on the right.

Plate in middle ,with straight print on left and viscosity print on right.

Plate and print

Chine Colle

On fabric on left and viscosity on right.

plate in middle with ordinary print on left and viscosity on right.

Other way around here 

I have really enjoyed the process and plan to use it to develop some print on fabric and introduce stitch.Sue has a blog
where I first saw her work ,take a look you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Back again !

I haven't been able to sign in to this blog from my computer for months ,only from the Blogger app.I thought I'd try it today and there it was odd.

I haven't been doing a great deal textile wise ,had a Summer break.

I have got back into dressmaking after a number of years away ,and found that I have enjoyed it.

I have also been doing a printmaking course up at Cheltenham with Sue Brown.I have followed her blog for a while and then decided to give one of her courses a go .We are at the mid -term break of Collagraph printmaking and I really have enjoyed it .I did printmaking at college and have done various courses over the years ,my enthusiasm has't dimmed. I have been using seed pods as my inspiration will upload some photos soon,providing I can get back in!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


.I set off to Meet the Artists in,what I thought ,was plenty of time.However,I forgot to factor in M5 and Summer!  Two and a half hours later I arrived in Ilminster. The gallery was buzzing with visitors and people having some refreshments. 

Sian was busy networking all the time we were there.It was lovely to see Carrie,seen here on the left.

Jane and Ellie,last seen at Summer school also put in an appearance.

The gallery had made a lovely job of mounting the exhibition ,and were themselves very pleased with the standard of work.
It was an opportunity for us to see everyone's finished pieces.We had seen them in various stages of progress but not completed.

I had these pieces -