Monday, December 29, 2008


This sample is complicated and was very fiddly to do ,hence the use of machine stitchery.I made the samples too small but there was a lot of fiddling with these so I went ahead.I first of all chose two star shapes and cut one of each from orange and blue and swopped the shapes over.Then I cut a third smaller star shape from the middle area and swopped this too.You can see this quite clearly on the left hand side of the image.Then I decided to cut a fourth star shape and swopped these ,this is shown in the right hand side of the image.I then used machine insertion stitches to sew the lot together.On reflection I would have made the squares much bigger and chosen fewer and less complex star shapes, as the resulting shapes were too small.However,I think the sample works well enough and would create interest on an otherwise plain ground.

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