Saturday, December 06, 2008

last three complex samples.

4.Satin with painted bondaweb,orange felt,blue printed felt.I used a built-in embroidery stitch in orange rayon to create a radiating shape,then in blue I hand stitched running stitch and seed stitch over the areas of orange felt.
5.Organza ,silk paper.I used some blue wool tops and embellishing machine to add to corners and middle from the back,then I machined the outline of the star in dark blue.
6.Blue satin,printed gold synthetic,printed knitting,organza.I machined star shape in copper metallic machine thread.

This I think ,means that I now send everything off having completed up to and including Chapter 8.I have a little amending to do to some previous work after the feedback I received.
Looking at the simple samples I'm not at all sure I have created more complex samples ,just more of the same.I'm not certain I'm cut out for this course !

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