Thursday, February 12, 2009

My tonal exercises.

All these were produced on A3 paper.Bottom image from left graphite stick used on side,graphite pencil hatched lines,aquarelle pencilsimilar then washed with brush,fineline pen hatched lines.
Next up-tissue paper ,black crayon rubbing torn and stuck,black crayon diagonal lines,black acrylic with inceasing amounts of water,edge of card printed.
Next to top-Black ground silver pen,flat brush acrylic paint,card tube used as print block,white tissue torn and stuck.
Top-candle rubbed then wash applied with addition black paper and crayon,wash applied salt sprinkled over,cling film used to print,
black,white paperand newsprint used to collage tone.This page I used some left over procion dye as the wash.I mixed blue and brown to see if I could find a near black equivalent for the fabric samples further along in the module.It shows navy but on fabric is more sludgy .

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Trollman said...

These look really attractive. I must get my 6th form to have a go at these. They have been working in ink, bleach, charcoal and pastel etc doing life studies. Something tlike this would really help them.