Sunday, March 08, 2009

Technical hitch.

While doing some free embroidery on Friday my machine decided it had had enough so it has gone to the hospital to be assessed and to have a rest.I have a Frister and Rossman 904 which was state of the art in 1976 when we bought it with our tax rebate for getting married.I consigned it to its box about 5/6 years ago on acquiring my new machine,so I decided to get it out as I need to be able to sew .Guess what? ....... it worked first time .I suppose I always did lavish it with oil and cleaning so I am really pleased .I've bought a free machine foot for it and will be putting it back into service.It takes a weightlifter to haul it about but after thirty odd years it's still going strong.Things were built to last back then.

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