Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Strips and seams.

Thought I'd done more .Black insert sewn with curves pulled to open and sewn on right side.Diamond shapes trapped in seam and stitched down from right side.
These seams took all afternoon to do and I think they generally work well,I seem to have done a lot of zigzagging.This would relate well to the shell pattern.I will have to begin to use my own fabrics and develop more ideas for animal strips and seams.
. Black strip pintucked inserted into seam and stitched so tucks move.Leftover white pintucks cut and sewn into seam with gaps left between.Black inserted in seam ,knotted bows stitched down over the top.

Rouleau -type strip zigzagged into seam then stitched two to left two to right .

Pintucks in opposite directions inserted in seam and zigzags stitched and cut side left to fray,inserted in seam

I wondered about using white on black so did these two.Then used some of those fancy yarns to couch onto strips of white to play about with animal pattern ideas.I quite liked the effect.I also wondered what would happen if I used these sorts of fabrics and overdyed them,not yet done that but it is in my head.
After some feedback ,I used my commercial fabrics to stitch into, to play with the pattern and decided to combine this with playing around with seams of different kinds.And finally using black and white and leftovers.

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