Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chapter 11Aand B.

This last is the "B" sample ,created a bit like the black and white one in an earlier chapter.I'm not sure the division between second and third area is that easily seen ,though I did cut into the third piece more .I meant to photo the other side but forgot.It will have to wait for another day.It is very textured and loses definition much more than this side.

Had a really productive long afternoon in my workroom with the door open and sunlight streaming in .Here are the results,four samples from paper ideas ,some slightly modified and the "B" sample.They look very different because of the fabrics used and the different relationship of the tones.I especially like the second from the top because it is more delicate than the others.I worry that I am going to run out of fabric and will have to dye and print more for the final piece.

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