Monday, May 25, 2009


I have had a play with the embellisher to create some fabrics.I have used some animal patterns in my sketch book as inspiration.
The photo isn't the best though it gives a flavour of how they look.The middle one is basic, white wool tops needled from the reverse of the black felt.
The other two began as painted bondaweb ironed to some loose weave cotton.The one on the right had some black wool tops needled from back and front then it had white organza ironed over.It was then needled more from back and front which caused the fabric to ruche and blister.
The one on the left was treated similarly though I ironed torn strips of the cotton and some white wool tops to the surface before needling black wool tops and a fancy yarn from back and front.They are much more effective "in the flesh" and are very tactile.
I'm not sure how they would behave with other fabrics and whether they qualify as there is no stitching involved in their make-up but they were interesting to do.

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