Friday, May 08, 2009

Next instalment.

These last two are the Golden Section and a design.By this stage I had had enough of cutting and sticking and thought I might explore more ideas in drawing in my sketchbook.
I like the introduction of a solid plain into all these designs as a contrast ,though I'm not sure that white would be as strong or effective as black.

I am not sure this one fulfils the log cabin,I used 1,2,3,5 in each strip but did not have any more strips to complete the shape!
This diamond was my take on 45 degree shapes .I think it could be appliqued to a plain ground or be used with plain fabrics cut into the same shapes and patchworked.

Next come my pages on the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Section.While this is quite fascinating I am not a fan of cutting,measuring and sticking down fiddly papers.I only hope using fabrics and sewing is less so.
I found that the range of papers I had created were pleasing as patterns but did not really have a great enough tonal range for these exercises but I was too lazy to redo some more.They also needed to be larger ,as I had made A4 size since this was the size of my tile.

First up, the instructions for creating the trimmings and toggles I forgot the other day.

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