Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still here.

No pictures today as I haven't made any more samples .I had intended to do some work but had a panic as I couldn't find my samples of the last post .I looked in all the obvious places but no they weren't to be seen .So rather than faff about I thought I'd get on with other things I am making. That done I thought to make some silk paper and guess what turned up in my silk box!I hope I'm not losing the plot.Anyway rather than start over I will leave it till Friday.
I have been doing a little research into the artists for chapter 13 though so I haven't been completely off work.I may do Giorgio Morandi as my free choice.I was introduced to his work on a painting summer school some years ago.His work is mainly still life but so beautiful,simple and subtle shapes and tones.
On the other hand I may do Laura Thomas ,a young award winning weaver who spoke to our E.G.meeting last month.She had such lovely ,innovative work.

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