Thursday, July 02, 2009

Last prep for Urchfont.

These last are the hat which is going to be quite a feat to do properly.I'll have to test my technical and making skills to acheive this.I do want to do something which is more challenging than the normal though I'll probably regret saying that!

These are of the bag, based loosely on my frog drawing .I think it needs to be a tad smaller than this but I am looking forward to talking to others and sharing work and ideas, as lovely as studying with Distant Stitch is it tends to feel rather lonely.I am relishing the idea of contact with others and being able to bounce ideas around.

Having had contact with Sian I decided to at least try to create full-size mock-ups of my ideas to take with me to Summer school.This morning ,after a sluggish start I put two together in some reasonably robust paper.

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sara said...

looking forward to meeting you at urchfont. Sara