Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fabrics and paper spirals.

In wrong order but my paper cuts of different spirals .I have yet to do the twists and tissue.
I had some silk samples so tore into strips and dyed in separate trays with Omega All-in-one dyes .

This selection was stuffed into a jar and my two colours were sryinged in and left

. MUD!!! This is what happens when you are not thinking straight and decide to dye in a tray with your two colours at the same time.

These are my first dyed fabrics using a variety of cotton /cotton blends and procion dyes.


Fibrenell said...

I think your 'mud' colours are lovely! My son has a habit of coming into my dyeing area and squidging the bags for the fun of it (and my frustration who doesn't want them mixed) - but all useful in the end!

Anne B said...

Lovely samples Jen. And you've covered so many different tones and shades. You've a got a nice "stash" to keep you going!

Maggie said...

Hi Jenn, just got back from a trip and caught up with everones progress. You've been the computer spirals and also the'mud'colours too....they are the type of effect you can never redo when needed!! Keep up the good work.