Monday, September 14, 2009

More on spirals.

I tried to edit the first post to include these but for some reason it was taking forever so it's done in a new post.I decided to stick with all man-made spirals even though I have lots of natural spirals.These include my own photos and images found on the 'net.I have included some drawings done from objects around the house,garden and workshop as well as a few rubbings of wrought iron railings/gate.
I need to decide on a colour scheme ,red and green figure quite a lot in these images so I may plump for that .My first unit used blue and orange so I don't want to repeat that.I could stretch it to include hot pinks ,burgundies and reddy oranges and the other way to include turquoises,sea greens and lime.We shall see how good I am at getting these colours from paints and dyes!


Anne B said...

Nice start Jen! Good luck with the dyeing - it's great fun.

Anne B said...

I struggled at first to find manmade spirals cos all my inspiration came from nature's spirals - which turn up everywhere. Will return to natural ones some day. Nature always does it better though, in my opinion.