Thursday, October 15, 2009

A la Janet E.

And these are the same shape strung.
You may wonder why?Sian gave some feedback and mentioned the shape and what we did at Summer School so I sat and played last evening.I have also played with 2-dimensional pattern from some abstracted shapes from drawings. This set me thinking about ideas for printed fabrics and possibilities for the final outcome,though I know it is too early to be going there yet.
I should be getting to grips with the corrugated card but this is far more interesting and it is 3-D.

These are some of the shapes cut out and skewered and spiralled.

This the sheet after cutting out several templates .It has a lovely rhythm and would make a great stencil to print on to fabric.

This is a shape from one of my drawings of drill bits cut out to use as a template.

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Hazel said...

These are lovely - can't wait to see how they develop - the stencil idea looks great