Thursday, October 08, 2009


Here are a selection of my monoprints on paper.Some were printed onto a white ground,others onto my pre-coloured papers.I used some sponge,colour shapers,card comb to create the swirls and spirals.In addition I used some string blocks I had made to press into the ink or to overprint onto the paper.Layers were built up with different colour acrylic paints.I think it would be good to have some kind of binder to mix with the paint, as you do in screenprint ,to allow more transparency.A thought....... print on fabric -cotton ,silk, organza,and layer to create transparency.Could also cut or burn back to expose layers beneath.
I've made a start with the 3-d corrugated card but got frustrated and left them to simmer a while!


Hazel said...

they look really exciting - love the monoprints

Anne B said...

Nice prints. Like the idea of a string block - may try something similar. Keep it up!