Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bead Sampler with "Found" beads.

Bottom image is the whole sampler.The other three images are close -ups.
I have used milk bottle tops ,hangers from packets, straws,knitted tubing,plastic clips from shirt packaging,clear plastic tubing,clear top from deodorant, empty card sewing spools coveredwith hollow pink braid and various
oddment found at the brilliant "Scrapstore"
I still have to explore beads as edging ,trapped beads and sequins but we make progress.


Hazel said...

wow what a great idea - I can really see the pylon shapes - love the red 'sweetie wrapper' beads.
Seems like the arm is better?

threadcircles said...

Love this , such unusual objects!

Anne B said...

Lovely ideas. Great imagination. Looking good

Jackie said...

Thanks for your comment on my 'giveaway'. I appreciate all your comments and especially the one telling me about seeing the brooch. I wonder who it was?
I love your sampling. Being an Art Teacher means you have a head start with the design element. I especially like the design you made form the structure you photographed.