Sunday, January 03, 2010

Meandering along more tassels and buttons.

pic 5.Some more buttons.Bottom three are variations on the Dorset using perle,stuffed viscose ribbon.Middle one is beads strung together then stitched into a spiral.Top left consists of a form covered with some dyed silk and strung beads stitched on ,middle is peeled layers of silk rod coiled and stitched ,last one cardboard reel covered with stitched wool tops and wound with perle thread.
pic 4.variegated machine thread wound around different size frames to make large and small tassels.Large tassel plaited and smaller tassels wound around neck.

pic 3.Smaller tassels made in same way but zigzagged leaving spaces.Cardboard reel wound with machine wrapped cord ,tassels knotted over this.

pic 2.Thread wound around frame then edge zigzaggedto form ribbon .It is then knotted and wound with machine wrappped cord.

pic 1.(from bottom)I borrowed "Edges and Finishes in Machine Embroidery" V.Campbell-Harding from the library and made a frame from a wire hanger to make these tassels.
I have tried to get this book but it is out of print apart from some very expensive copies on Alibris.Anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced copy?
I am working on a bead sampler but it is coming on slowly.Iwant to try some teeny tassels influenced by Linda Tudor's book on purses.I have a feeling you could go on and on trying things out.
Best Wishes to All Bloggers out there for 2010.Let's hope it's going to be a VERY GOOD YEAR.


Maggie said...

Happy New Year Jenn, love the new pics, good to see you've started the year well.

JaneO said...

Here's to a productive new year.