Friday, February 05, 2010

Trying to work out where to go next.Chapter 10.

JEWELLERY/WRAP-More interesting and am thinking possible outcomes.I am also thinking about the abstracted shape I played with at the beginning of the module ,resulting from my drawings ,and the work we did at Summer school with Janet Edmonds.I will spend some time working up some ideas with that .
BROOCH/BUTTONS- More scope for creativity but seems rather little.

HAT-Similarly not excited by it.

BAG- Not really inspired by these as they are too literal a translation of what you see.

Rather than just faff about I took the various images I collected for accessories and started to "brainstorm",so to speak.It has made me think about how I might use some of the techniques of this module and also pointed me in a vague direction.You out there might think otherwise.I have created pages in my sketchbook to illustrate my thoughts.


Hazel said...

Do my best thinking in the bath!

Thimble Fingers said...

I do a lot of my designing in the shower ... finger drawing through the steam on the shower screen ... its like a giant white board. LOL!
Great sketchbooks ... love your ideas, and I'm sure the final decision will be wonderful.

Meg said...

Why don't you do something based on your resolved sample? It's really gorgeous and would make a great brooch or fascinator