Monday, April 19, 2010

Playing with lettering.

Commercial handmade paper rubbed with finger to emboss letters.
Last picture shows top left tracing paper written on both sides with calligraphy pen then fine stick dipped in bleach bottom left commercial hand made paper treated similarly middle handmade paper rubbed over block with wax then washed and written into with pen top right as before embossed over block bottom right left overs cut into stripd and woven together.
These are the blocks I made from paper,string and card.

More rubbings and washes over envelopes.

These are packaging materials,plastic and a woven polypropylene rubbed over blocks with wax crayons. Sorry ,but bottom image does not show up too well.

This one was rubbed over a string block with wax crayon.The one on the left was then washed with bleach then written over with brusho and a large brush.The one on the right was written over with same then washed with watered down brusho.

This page includes magazine pages,tracing paper and the see-through pocket of an envelope.
I found a set of calligraphy pens I bought years ago so doodled with them this afternoon.I also played with various other materials and ideas as you will see in this post.I have always liked letter forms and used them in my teaching over the years.They are so versatile and interesting as pattern forms.

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