Thursday, June 10, 2010


Left hand has threads withdrawn in one direction then loose threads are knotted around clumps of remaining threads.
Right side has threads withdrawn in both directions then long lengths are threaded over and under in both directions to form what look like knitted cables.

Threads withdrawn and looped over and under remaining to form something like a plait .

Loose threads kotted alternately over remaining threads.

Clumps of threads looped in and around remaining weave.

Threads withdrawn in one direction,resulting lengths were knotted over remaining threads until they became too difficult,left as fringe.

The following photos are close ups of this piece,rather than several small pieces I have combined several ideas in the one .I have run out of coloured fabric but must admit I like the uncoloured as it allows the treatment of the withdrawn threads to show.I must make some headway with machined samples next.

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