Monday, September 06, 2010

Chapter 10

I had a last play with a book structure which as you can see gives different results depending how you stick the pages together.

I  also wanted to try out making paper casts.I wet some foam letter blocks and pressed layers of  tissue into them,on one or two layers I added some PVA glue then peeled them away and dried with a hairdryer.Some, like in this photo, have been laid onto dyed scrim while others have been left for now.I don't know if they will be used but at least I know that the method works.I could stitch into them to integrate into the fabric,or colour them or even add further snippets to the letter forms.They are fairly transparent and could be attached to a transparent backing to float......mmm some ideas for play.

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Hazel said...

lots of paper making fun - you are busy looking forward to more