Friday, March 11, 2011

Bernina sewing machines

I'm thinking to buy a new machine and wondered about a Bernina.....but which one?If anyone has any recommendations or comments on them I would be grateful.I've been to our local shop and got a brochure but there are lots to choose from and I'm not sure whether to go for their 1008 mechanical which is much like my 36 year old Frister and Rossman, or the Aurora or Activa220 or ..or....!


Pammy M said...

Hi Jenn - after researching for months I bought a Bernina Aurora 440 QE 12 months ago. The price was scary at the time, but I was assured that I would be delighted, and I have been. It never gives me a moments trouble even on very thick work or with metalic threads. Even whip and cable stitch that lots of people seem to find troublesome was a doddle. The only thing I haven't got is a really wide stitch that I think Pfaff machines offer. I would also say that the machine is a bit noiser than others at classes I've been to, but I've always got the radio on home so I don't notice most of the time. Hope this helps.

KarenR said...

Hello - I bought 2nd hand a Bernina 1090. It is mechanical. If you are keen on machine embroidery I cannot imagine there is anything better. Mine has been a marvel and I love it to bits. Since purchasing, I have spent £70 on a big service - my choice - and it has never given me a moments trouble. It is easy to thread, tolerant of everything I stick under the needle and highly flexible (because it is mechanical). You can find them on eBay from time to time.