Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chapter 2.

sheet 1
 I had already sorted through to see what papers I had a few days ago so this afternoon I set to ,tearing and pleating them before sticking them to A4 black paper

The only one that was difficult to crease into sharp edges was the heavy watercolour paper.The kitchen and teabag papers tore at random and not to the grain .

sheet 2

It was difficult to tear the Japanese paper evenly as it has fibres embedded in it .The hand tissue also rather disintegrated when torn.The newsprint tore well in both directions.

sheet 3

The Japanese paper(top right)is very sheer and comes away in the hand.The mount card tore unevenly into layers and would not pleat well.


sheet 4

The craft paper (middle left) when torn exposed a stretchy plastic surface.

sheet 5

This sheet speaks for itself.

sheet 6
I took strips of tissue (left) and scrunched them together and glued ,then left ungluedand repeated to the bottom.Next row was offset.
   Squares of tissue were rolled loosely into balls before glueing(right).

sheet 7
Long strips were twisted and glued in parallel rows (left).
Long strips were laid and overlaid(right)

sheet 8

Squares of tissue were laid down and glued ,then further squares were laid over the top.(left)
  Squares were scrunched and glued down(right)in no particular way.


Max the Lobster said...

it looks like you had great fun with this!! you can tear Japanese tissue in a straight line if you want with a water tear it. take a wet paint brush and paint a line on the paper then tear apart carefully (sorry if you already knew this!)

Meg said...

You've been busy! Your samples look great.