Monday, March 07, 2011


inside pages

After what feels like a very long absence I'm back and determined to complete this unit before March is through.I have worked on the inside and I think that is complete.I photographed it outside in the glorious sunshine we've had today so that the colour really sings.I stitched the letters to the concertina pages with straight machine stitch ,and did the same to stitch the concertina to the backing.I stitched melon seeds with thicker threads and hand stitched to the pages to suspend them.I left loose threads without cutting to neaten.

outside cover
 I laid my various chosen pieces of paper together before beginning to join them.This was also photographed outside before I attempted any hand work.

some handwork added

I did some detached chain stitch by hand to try to integrate the pieces.It was difficult not to dislodge the paper even though it's got scrim incorporated.I added some letters formed from pipe cleaners and covered with viscose ribbon.I also bonded the  pieces ,from the back, with bondaweb to hold them together a little better ,as they are fairly fragile.I think I need to work more free-machining to strengthen  and integrate the pieces ,especially to disguise the very straight edge of the purple embossed paper.I also intend to add seeds to the surface.
   The difficult task is how to join front and back together and create closures....but that is for another day.

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JaneO said...

Good to see you are making progress again, your pieces looked really effective at the exhibition.