Monday, May 30, 2011

all things African.

I thought I'd show you my piece from Mary Sleigh's workshop.It isn't completed but I said if I get it done I would bring it for Mary to see at Urchfont.
 Everything so far has been handsewn apart from using bondaweb to attach the pieces.I intend to turn it into a bag perhaps sticking to handstitch but who knows!

Continuing the African theme.....our Guild has signed up to create fabric postcards for the Olympics.Each guild has been assigned a country - ours is Burundi.I found some information about the Royal Drummers of Burundi, who tour the World ,so based my design on them.Another hand stitched piece C&G must be having some influence!


JaneO said...

What do you mean 'if'? Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Daniela said...

A fantastic piece! So looking forward to having a look at it at summer school

Pammy M said...

Meant to say today that I thought your bag was fabulous. Mary mentioned she was going again to Bristol to a Guild - is that yours?