Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Some gathering for Chapter 6.

I am still plodding along on this chapter,there are an awful lot of examples that could be produced.I had forgotten I had done these on the left some weeks ago.The diagrams give the method used.

This next one is called "puff gathering" and I show back and front of the sample.


The gathers are small circles set out at regular intervals.When gathered the fabric  pulls into regular folds.


This is called "furrowing".The top fabric is gathered along each edge and pulled up to fit  a shape below,in this case another square which is 1/4 of its size.The fabric is then caught down into "furrows" to make it fit.

This top one is an example of "puff gathering" on fabric circles.They have been  treated differently,some gathered on the edge to form puffs ,some in middle to create ruffles,some turned over to show smooth side.

This bottom example is opposite edge gathering which allows the fabric in-between to form soft folds.

These three all use shirring elastic in the bobbin
on the straight grain,on the bias and at right angles.

These use the gathering stitch on my machine for the top two.On the left it has shirring elastic in the bobbin,on the right sewing cotton ,stitched in to curves then gathered by pulling the thread.
The bottom sample is two straight stitch channels with a straw gathered onto them.


Anne B said...

Well if you call this plodding ..... well done for getting all these samples made. Very interesting.

Maggie said...

Thanks for comments Jenn, you are whisking through now! Have had to pull out of Urchfont but may get there for the Sunday Open Day.