Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catching up.

Going out for the day and then not being able to print colour copies without my husband's computer expertise have put me all behind.I've been working on these this afternoon but am not too happy with the results.
Adding highlights ,working with Koh-i -Noor
on the pomegranate.

A practice on one of the printed backgrounds.The water was too runny so everything merged.

A little better but I wanted to work into it and the colours are not right.

I used double ended watercolour pens and ordinary pencils for this scribble but don't really like the effect.

The pebble is better though the colours are off .

By this stage I was feeling frustrated so only half-heartedly worked into this printed copy.
I decided to call it a day and will do the collage another time.


carrie donohoe said...

These rich colours are wonderful.
I can see your skill in all your work. Lovely

Anne B said...

Don't despair, Jen. Your work is good - maybe you should persevere.