Thursday, August 04, 2011

August 4th.

As I am having visitors tomorrow I got on with the tasks today.As Sian suggested I did a sample page.I used graphite,neocolour,wax crayon and oil pastel.To cover I used Koh-i-Noor,indian ink,aqua markers and conte pastels.I used a bamboo pen to scraffitto the marks.This was easy to make curves with Sian as it is fairly blunt .

I used verbena bonariensis as my inspiration.I love it !It's so airy and the colour so vibrant.

This ,however, does not do it justice.I laid down mainly oil pastel with some wax .I tried to cover it with Koh-i-noor but had laid the pastel on too thickly so it would not cover.I mixed in some indian ink but it is much too swamping and dark .I will try again with paler washes ,perhaps using the marker or conte pastels.
It's not a brilliant photo either.

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