Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oct/Nov sketchbook.

I haven't got much sketchbook work done in November but sat and did this drawing today.I also forgot to upload the collage I did of my African violet.
I made a stamp of the leaf from an eraser .I printed with Koh-i-noor before cutting out and sticking down.The flowers were cut fom kitchen roll .

Taking a photograph points up the mistakes in the ellipse.


Kentish Maid said...

That cup and saucer looks as if it is a real cup and saucer sitting on your sketchbook - lovely

Max the Lobster said...

they look good to me. like the idea of the collage

Anne B said...

Collage is very delicate - lovely. If you're worried about your elipses, hold drawing up to a mirror and any wobbles are really obvious.

Catherine said...

Super drawing Jenn. Your shading is so good I can tell exactly where the light is coming from. I love the texture of the flowers - would never have thought of using kitchen roll.