Sunday, October 28, 2012

Three artists.

I have included the work for chapter 12 here.I am working on my wall hanging but it is slow going.I find that I get fired up with an idea then lose heart as I get on with it.What looks good and works in the sample stage often needs adjustment in the final piece.The size of the hanging,I've never worked this large before, has meant I am working and reviewing what I do as I go along.This is part of the creative process but it is frustrating,especially as I hoped it would be done by now!
  I have included the websites of the artists so anyone interested in finding out more can.

    I have chosen Jean Draper, as her work deals with textures and surfaces in the landscape.She dyes ,manipulates and stitches cloth to recreate what she has found interesting in the land.Her pieces are very tactile and make use of both hand and machine stitch.This strikes a chord as I have been exploring similar in this module.

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Catherine said...

Don't be too unhappy and stressed. Maybe with having had so much on your plate, you need to take a break. I tried that - didn't let myself do any City and Guilds work for a whole week. By the end I was feeling withdrawal symptoms and dying to get back to work. Also, when I looked again, it gave me a fresh perspective on my work. Hope this helps xx