Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We make progress.

I feel now that the end is in sight.I have worked some more.I had made a piece of silk paper in oranges and decided it would be good for the stylised birds in flight.Before I cut shapes from it I free-machined birds in flight on the sufface in variegated yellow and blue.
The photos are not brilliant ,as the light is so poor,and the flash bleaches them.

I also decided to add some handstitching in the same stitch and colours to the floating panels to integrate them with the background and the birds.

I am adding some beads to the floating panels to catch the light as it is meant to represent water.

The bird shapes will sit on and under the floating panels.Next will come the  challenge of assembling the layers so that it can be hung.


sharon young said...

I love what you're doing here, if looks so fine and delicate, the birds have worked beautifully as has the colour scheme, looking forward to your progression.

Anne B said...

Lovely to follow the way you work, building and being bold with colour.

Fibrenell said...

The colours and patterns are beautiful - look forward to seeing the final piece, Jen

Catherine said...

Wow Jen! This is looking beautiful and the colours work so well.