Saturday, January 05, 2013

Final piece ....finally.

After my last post I found a plastics firm locally .I took my piece around and talked to the proprietor explaining what I needed ,we discussed options and decided upon one.I went away thinking all was going to plan.I expected a call a week later but none came.With Christmas approaching I left it .I tried to contact the man but had no joy until Wednesday of this week.Yes, he remembered me but had done nothing ,and what was more distressing he admitted they had cleared out everything in a blitz before the holiday so had only a sketchy idea of what we had agreed,so we talked over the phone .He phoned later to say I could collect the said item.Unfortunately,it was not suitable as I would not be able to sew my piece to it! Back to the drawing board.......
  Yesterday ,I did collect the finished piece.It is rather heavy and robust but by this time I was grateful to have something to hang my piece with.I would have preferred something lighter but at least it is transparent.
  Next I set about sewing my piece with transparent thread,the back piece worked well but I realized when beginning the front that I would need a curved needle to be able to get into the small gap between back and front pieces.No problem ,I had a set of odd needles bought years ago and sure enough there was a mattress needle among them.A few stitches in the eye of the needle sheered off! I phoned  a local shop but they only had very large ones,in desperation I contacted a local upholsterer who said he had one I could borrow!!I do not know the man but he was so kind allowing a total stranger to take it away with her.It worked a treat and I was able to finish stitching the piece together.I am now thoroughly fed up with this piece as it has been a struggle...all I hope is that it meets the brief and is in time for the deadline.

      I am jinxed the photos will now not load.....groan 

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sharon young said...

Oh dear I do sympathise, sometimes these projects seem to go that way, but I had a look at the pics and it looks great, you can't really see the hanging device in the pics, it just looks very neatly suspended. So glad you finally got it finished.