Friday, November 22, 2013

Masterclass weekend.

We started the weekend with the Friday night challenge.This one was paper making and using it to develop ideas .These were my efforts.I disliked the strong colour of the pink so did nothing to develop this.

This is the one I worked on,developing ideas with my fossil theme.I used some fossils to impress into the paper and used some I had made earlier using silk and PVA.I stitched the paper to a scrim background then added to it.
This is trying to decide how to progress the piece.Sian had brought some rag paper pulp as well as ordinary for us to use.I liked the rag pulp and have just got some from Khadi paper so I can play some more.
I worked some on another project to do with my trip to Florence but no pics yet .

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sharon young said...

Love the soft swirls and textures in these pieces, they are very gentle and beautiful.