Friday, December 13, 2013

Developing ideas.

I have been playing around with various things over the past few weeks..These are some of them,I bought some silk organza and another silk fabric from someone on Etsy. I already had various silk threads from a variety of sources and sat down to play.All these are the same colour,the difference is in the light when photographing them.The image below is the closest to reality.

They are based around the spiral from an ammonite,my fossil work.I just wanted to create some motifs from simple stitches and use the ivory colour and the transparency of the fabrics.

At present they are pinned quite randomly across a narrow piece of organza,I have a mind to create quite a long hanging incorporating these with some Suffolk puffs and areas of dense free machine spirals which will pull the fabric so that it won't lay flat. A bit like the fossils as they emerge from the layers in which they are embedded.

I incorporated some lace motifs cut from the lace edge of an old cloth.These ones are white but I am going to tea -dye them so they blend better.

I am pleased with them so hope to work a lot more.I also have plans to play more with paper and wire.I bought some fine knitting wire and am going to have a go at maybe crocheting some spirals.


sharon young said...

Lovely ideas coming here, I love the overly of the lace in pic 2, it works so well with the simplicity of your original design showing through.

Max the Lobster said...

These are looking interesting. I love the first one. Its amazing how different it looks when it doesn't have the light behind. It's almost like an x-ray. Looking forward to see where this leads.

Catherine said...

These are beautiful and so delicate.