Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Paper dipping.

Here are some photos of the wire shapes from previous post dipped into pulp.The paper covered wire worked a treat.
This is the largest shape to which I added the crocheted chain.Below are the smaller shapes which had the beaded chains.
I am not sure it was necessary to add these extras for the shapes to take up the pulp.I will make more"naked" wire shapes to try. As I wasn't certain how fragile the paper would prove to be I gave it a coat of acrylic wax.As you can probably make out the brush I applied it with was not properly clean and has left a pinky colour in places.
There are also some faint rust traces where the end of the wire is exposed,I don't mind that incidental colouring.
This is a close up of the middle of the large shape.When held to the light you can still make out the wire structure which is good ,as I intend to have them hanging freely in the piece.

I hope you get the idea,I-pads are not the easiest things to use to take a photo!


Kentish Maid said...

These look absolutely amazing Jen, particularly against the light.

sharon young said...

Really beautiful results, I like the slight pink that you had left on the brush it gives them a natural feel. They look wonderful against the light.

Max the Lobster said...


sharon young said...

Hi Jen, many thanks for your comment on my post, it was very encouraging and I like your ides for the figures it's certainly a way around the problem.

Catherine said...

These are lovely Jen. I love the effect that dipping them in paper pulp gives.