Sunday, October 19, 2014


Finally managed a workshop with Cas Holmes.She gave a talk to our Embroiderers Guild on Friday and led a workshop yesterday.I like her work and have her book,another one is due out soon.
The aim of the workshop was to create a collograph plate then use it to create a piece of work.

We were asked to take along some items that inspired us ,plus a variety of papers,fabrics and paint.i took some shells and pebbles ,as I had an idea to do something on coast.

We had to draw from the objects quite quickly,then we had to pass our drawing to the next person who superimposed their drawing of their objects on top.This happened three times.
Next we had to use a viewfinder to isolate a part of the drawing that appealed.We then turned this into a line drawing and traced the shapes.This became the template for our plate.We used a variety of textured fabrics and papers to make the plate.We stitched the plates to reinforce as they were being made quite quickly.The stitch can be part of the print.

It was then inked ,just with acrylic and used to print on various papers and fabric. Cas had a useful tip ,as she travels about she needs to travel light,she uses brusho or Koh I Noor and a white / black acrylic to mix her colours.The resulting prints were mixed with our own selection of papers and fabrics to create the piece.

We used paste to create a temporary bond between the papers,etc and the base fabric.We also were told to set aside one of our least liked prints,this was then given to someone in the group .We had to incorporate at least part in our work.Mine was the red ,which worked beautifully.
 It has taken a while to dry.Now it requires stitch to finish.

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