Monday, February 02, 2015


We have our next exhibition coming up at Easter so I need to create some more pieces for my 'coast ' theme. I attended Cas  Holmes workshop back in October and had some printed papers left over.So I worked from a photo and stuck strips of silk,papers  etc to a background to represent the sand bars and strips of water.One afternoon last week I added some machine stitching and then appliquéd the 'grasses',which are silk and machined cords.I will add some hand stitch and perhaps some beads before considering if they are worth framing.

The piece was originally bigger but I cut it into two,the smaller piece I have developed slightly differently,adding some shells and machining pebble shapes in the foreground.This too will have added stitch .

Why is it that the pieces you agonise the least on often work?


Fibrenell said...

They look super Jen

Fibrenell said...
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