Saturday, December 03, 2016

Simple little pleasures.

I spent  a very enjoyable couple of hours yesterday just using my Gelli plate.I have lots of sketch books of all sizes,mainly from Pink Pig.I bought a bargain box which is pot luck but incredible value.I just decided ,on a whim ,to print into a little A6 landscape book.I based what I did very loosely on patterns and marks observed in seed pods.I drew into the inked plate and then thought about introducing some bought stencils that related to the marks.

The colours were just two Browns and a dark blue,but turquoise always seems to sneak in.

As I was using just acrylic the pages dried relatively quickly,so I could add in layers.

Now I have begun to add into them with collage and eventually I will add more drawing to build up layers of interest.

It was a really grey ,cold and cheerless day but this activity gave me lots of pleasure.


Catherine said...

Looks like you had fun Jen - and such beautiful results! Sometimes we are so busy coping with the realities of life that we forget to just play.

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