Thursday, March 26, 2009

Colour shapers.

Decided to get on with monoprinting some fabrics this afternoon.I have been too lazy to go buy fabric medium so I tried using acrylic paint and squirted in some acrylic medium but it dried way too fast .I reverted to my tried and tested wallpaper paste and paint but had a brainwave,instead of cutting shapes from card , which go soggy, why not try colour shapers instead?They worked a treat and clean up easily.I have a set of four bought for very little in that well known German supermarket and one from the art shop that cost more on its own.I will post pictures later as the fabric was left to dry and will also photo the shapers so's you know what to look out for .I bought the original one to use with masking fluid as it just peels off when dry instead of ruining brushes.Pussycat has just climbed up for a cuddle so I'll sign off now or he'llbe wanting to join in and clamber over the keyboard.

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