Wednesday, March 11, 2009


These are my dyed samples.Iused some procion dyes that I have had for 26 years but they are fine.I know that black is problematic and as I didn't have one I decided to try for as close as I could using a brown and a dark blue.The result is pretty good but the photos are not that accurate.I like the idea of not complete blackness anyway,I think it's more interesting.I used elastic bands ,glass nuggets,card tubes from thread and various stitching and folding to acheive these patterns.I will publish how I did it when I do a fair copy of method for my sketchbook records.
I don't know why blogger is leaving great gaps but I can't seem to rectify it without starting again and I ain't about to do that!


Trollman said...

Your expeimental work is great, wish I had time to do as much. V Jealous!!!
You might like to know your artistic influence is still felt at the Patch: We put up your earlies studies of turtle shells to inspire some year 12's doing fur, feathers and scales for their exam question!!

Jackie said...

Hi Ferinn, thanks for your comment. These dye samples are great ..I hate the process of dyeing but love the effects.
Wingham is wonderful!