Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not " bleeping" bleaching.

I have tried without success to get bleach to work on any painted papers, these include black Brusho,ink squirted from a cartridge(anyone tried buying ink in a bottle lately?)walnut ink and brusho mixed.This is frustrating as I know I have done it in the past ,only thing I can think is that the paper is too absorbent,bleach is too old.Anyway I am giving up on that one at the moment as it's wasting paper ,time and patience.

What has been more fulfilling is patterning papers with card and monoprint.I used some black acrylic paint mixed with some wallpapaer paste to retard the drying.The mixture was sponged onto a ceramic tile and printed with cartridge paper.In some final experiment I printed onto nappy liners with cartridge paper behind.The photo is not great but this gives a dual effect if the paper is moved slightly.This could be enhanced with further stitching.

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