Thursday, November 05, 2009

Knots and twists.

This next photo shows my attempts at Turk's Head using stuffed viscose ribbon and Silk Sari yarn in various twists.The other knot is a Good Luck or Shamrock lanyard.I bought a book on knots years ago intending to get to know some but never did until now.There are a few more that might be useful but lots do not sit flat as they are designed to be wrapped around masts etc.
If I can get my head around the diagrams I'll try a few more.
Progress seems slow as I have been busy with other things.Tomorrow I plan to do my Christmas puddings,I'm a week later than usual.Need to get myself in gear and start motoring!

These are my first attempts at twisted cords.I have used my own dyed threads as well as some cord I knitted on the knitting machine.I mixed some frivolous beaded and sequinned ribbon and some thick shiny braided cord picked up in Scrapstore.

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Anne B said...

Nice, Jen. Haven't done mine yet - the cords that is, not the Xmas pud!