Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wrapped ,plaited and twisted.

Final photo is of the wrapped cords
This third photo is a closeup of plaited cords.

First photo is all of the cords I made this afternoon.Next is a close up of the knotted ones.

I don't feel that I'm fully engaged with this module,I've done nothing in my sketch book and making cords seems to be time consuming but not much to show for the frustration of trying to twist and wrap while keeping tension.Could really do with more than one pair of hands!The Pussycat is no help at all preferring to try and play with the ends.Anyway the photos are my afternoons work,I suppose I should spend the evening writing up how I've done the cords in my sketchbook.

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Maggie said...

Wow! you're a very quick worker Jenn!! fancy making all those cords in one afternoon.....Think I must spend too much time thinking about doing rather than actually doing!! Great work.