Thursday, November 12, 2009


I used machine made cords and wove them together before laying a wine cork in middle and wrapping other cords around to form head.
This was similar though I wound around some card then hand tied across the middle before threading through a dyed silk cap. This was made by winding rayon embroidery thread across a frame and zigzagging the middle .It was then folded to create a loop and three tassels threaded together .
I used a variety of materials from ripstop nylon,torn strips of hand-dyed fabrics,machine made cords and rayon embroidery threads.

Having decided that I have not been engaged with this unit I spent this morning doing tassels.The cat came too and loved the idea as there were lots of ends to chase and pounce on ,as well as trying to share my seat at the table!

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pascale said...

I love your tassels, looks like a lot of work.