Monday, December 07, 2009

Making buttons.

Top was wound with rayon machine embroidery thread and sequins added
middle left was wound with metallic thread
middle right beads were sewn around the dot on the fabric to create a spiral
bottom was wound with linen thread bugle and seed baeds added in the spaces

Each had a layer of white felt which was then covered with some of my hand dyed silk fabrics.
Top left was wound with green ricrac braid

top right was wound with soft hand dyed silk then over wound with fine red wire

bottom left was embellished with hand sewn seed and bugle beads.

This is an overview of what the base of each button is made from and the finished buttons alongside.

I've been doing other things lately but aware that time is passing quite quickly and my module is making very slow progress.This afternoon I at last got back to it and began making buttons.

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