Friday, January 29, 2010

Next stage.

Oops photos in wrong order.Previous photo shows beads wired in place.This photo shows tyvek rolled beads alongside fabric ones.
Final photo shows green beads wired together where I plan to use them.Think I will have to use a heavier guage wire if they are not to flop over the edge.However ,I am pleased with the effect so far.
Beads laid in place to see if they are what I wanted.

These are the beads after rollong around a skewer and touching with a hot iron to bond.

This is a piece of my dyed fabric free machined with spirals ,then bonded on back and ruled before making rolled beads.


Hazel said...

getting exciting - love the beads - watching this space!

pascale said...

this looks already great, can't wait to see your resolved sample

Anne B said...

Great progress! You've succeeded in getting movement into this piece and that is not an easy thing to do!