Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Well it's done.........nearly.

These beads were wired onto the ends of the tubular ribbon with fine wire and then also wound with a thicker wire.I'm reasonably pleased though I think that these beads need to be more graduated as some of them are a little portly.It will also need to be hung to allow the beads to fall off the edge.
I stitched some wire with embroidery threads on the machine and bound this with some fine green wire and threaded my tyvek beads on to it before bending and stitching in place so that it flew off as if being spun.

I went and got a circular canvas and I 've used it to stretch the sample.It's not quite perfect as the backing fabric was longer and thinner than the circle so I'm going to have to do something with the edge.I thought a ribbon stuck to the edge and then a felt backing.We shall wait and see as I've had enough for now.


Hazel said...

going to Ascot?
Perhaps the green backing is a bit plain? Could it be sponged with some darker and lighter greens, maybe?
I do like the beads and the 3d effect.
time away from it is always good to see with fresh eyes.

Hazel said...

Had another look this morning and I can see interesting shadows in the green when I do a close up - maybe the green edges need something? Maybe I'm up the creek without a paddle!!