Monday, February 22, 2010

Developing wrap 4.

Having received feedback I have spent some time working on developing ideas for wrap 4.I have elongated the spiral and think it works well.I have also started to think about fabrics and how to proceed with using the techniques from this module.I want to print fabric and to keep the idea of transparency so may go with layers.I also think the edge of the wrap might be shaped in some way ,if not all the way around.I took some photos modelled on the bottle but they do not "read" well so I include sketches here instead.The samples alongside are some Nuno felting on silk organza and knitted cotton that were not too successful ,so when playing with the embellisher this morning I added to them with snippets of organza,silk paper and threads.The knitted sample is not to my liking ,partly the opacity , but definitely the colour and the distortions.The silk one offers some possibility as it has a transparency in the unfelted areas that would allow for cut outs and peeks of printed patterns.

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Hazel said...

love the colours of the bottom right green one with the diamonds but think the single spiral looks classier. Like the length of spiral in the toile. Is enthusiasm returning?