Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making some decisions......perhaps?

This is the muslin sample modelled on a bottle.I like this but have yet to ponder how it may be developed .I need to wait
and see if it meets with approval. Next I did some sketches to try to see how they might work.Apart from one ,they still seem to be flat shapes with additions. I think number 4 is favourite as it does appear to wrap the shoulders and body in a spiral shape.

I looked at the diferent spirals and twisted shapes and tried to sample them in some muslin to give more scope for shape to the wrap.

As said in my last post I intended doing some samples to add to these pages,and here they are.However ,after receiving feedback Sian asked me to think further about the wrap and perhaps to make it more three dimensional and not simply a flat printed and embellished shape.I have been giving this some thought and here are my musings.


Hazel said...

I like no 4 the best too - are you thinking stitched fine wire to hold the shape or softer drapes?
Will it be held where it crosses with a brooch-type fastening or is it meant to casually stay in place?
watching this space again!

Maggie said...

I think no 2 has great possibilities!! You could make the spiral fringe very 3D with wire and or maybe tassels. Good luck!

Anne B said...

This is really exciting. Like you, I'm thinking in 3D. Do you have trouble with different WEIGHTS of fabric - before and after stitching/beading? It makes it near impossible to go through the paper/mock-up stage. It's hard work manipulating fabric and letting it look as if it's draping naturally. Good luck.

Maggie said...

I'm getting on with my resolved sample which took me a while to design! my accessory is at the planning stage!! So still lots to do!